24 July 2020

Security Council Committee Says Those Inciting Violence, Undermining Peace in Central African Republic Could Meet Sanctions Criteria

The Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 2127 (2013) concerning the Central African Republic has the honour to refer to the final report dated 8 July 2020 (document S/2020/662) of the Panel of Experts on the Central African Republic extended pursuant to resolution 2507 (2020), which is available on the Committee’s website:

In this connection, the Committee wishes to draw attention of Member States to the following recommendation cited in the above-mentioned report:

Paragraph 102(a) [page 21] — The Panel recommends that:

“a) […] the Committee recall that, pursuant to Security Council resolution 2399 (2018), as extended by resolution 2507 (2020), individuals who commit acts of incitement to violence and then engage in or provide support for acts that undermine the peace, stability or security of the Central African Republic could meet the sanctions criteria specified in Security Council resolutions […]”

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