13 January 2020
8701st Meeting (AM)

Security Council Extends Political Mission Overseeing Peace Agreement in Yemen for Six Months, Unanimously Adopting Resolution 2505 (2020)

The Security Council today decided to extend for six months a United Nations political mission overseeing a peace agreement between the Government of Yemen and the Houthi militia in the port city of Hudaydah.

Adopting resolution 2505 (2020), the Council renewed the mandate of the United Nations Mission to Support the Hudaydah Agreement (UNMHA) until 15 July, continuing the tasks set out when it was established on 16 January 2019 through resolution 2452 (2019).  (For information, see Press Release SC/13664.)

The Mission — which monitors the city and port of Hudaydah, as well as the ports of Salif and Ra’s Issa — will continue to lead and support the Redeployment Coordination Committee to oversee the redeployment of forces, mine action operations and the governate-wide ceasefire agreement reached in Stockholm in December 2018.  UNMHA will monitor the compliance of parties to the Hudaydah Agreement and work with them so that security in Hudaydah’s city and port, and the ports of Salif and Ra’s Issa, is assured by local forces.

The Council also requested the Secretary-General to report to the Security Council every month about progress in implementing the Agreement and provide a review of UNMHA at least one month before its mandate is due to expire.

Prior to the meeting, Dang Dinh Quy (Viet Nam), Council President for January, called for one minute of silence for the victims of the recent terrorist attack in Niger.

Abdou Abarry (Niger) said that terrorism had struck his country hard, killing 89 people at a military camp on the border of Mali, a heinous act that followed another earlier attack, also on the Niger-Mali border, which killed 111 people.  Thanking countries who have shown support to quell this terrorist threat, he said collective action must be taken to completely stamp out terrorism.

Mr. Dang (Viet Nam) then called for one minute of silence to commemorate the victims of the 2010 earthquake that killed thousands in Haiti.

The meeting began at 10:16 a.m. and ended at 10:22 a.m.

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