5 November 2019

Security Council ISIL (Da’esh) and Al-Qaida Sanctions Committee Removes One Entry from Its Sanctions List

Decision Taken Following Review of Delisting Request Submitted Through Office of the Ombudsperson

On 5 November 2019, the Security Council Committee pursuant to resolutions 1267 (1999), 1989 (2011) and 2253 (2015) concerning ISIL (Da’esh), Al‑Qaida and associated individuals, groups, undertakings and entities removed the name below from the ISIL (Da’esh) and Al‑Qaida Sanctions List after concluding its consideration of the de-listing request for this name submitted through the Office of the Ombudsperson established pursuant to Security Council resolution 1904 (2009), and after considering the Comprehensive Report of the Ombudsperson on this delisting request.

Therefore, the assets freeze, travel ban, and arms embargo set out in paragraph 1 of Security Council resolution 2368 (2017), and adopted under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations, no longer apply to the name set out below:

A. Individuals

Name (original script): مراد بن علي بن البشير الطرابلسي
Title: na Designation: na DOB: 20 May 1969 POB: Manzil Tmim, Tunisia Good quality a.k.a.: a) Aboue Chiba Brahim born 2 Sep. 1966 in Libya b) Arouri Taoufik born 2 Sep. 1964 in Tunisia c) Ben Salah Adnan born 2 Apr. 1966 in Tunisia d) Sassi Adel born 2 Sep. 1966 in Tunisia e) Salam Kamel born 2 Feb. 1963 in Tunisia f) Salah Adnan born 4 Feb. 1965 in Algeria g) Arouri Faisel born 2 Mar. 1965 in Tunisia h) Bentaib Amour born 9 Feb. 1965 in Morocco i) Adnan Salah born 1 Apr. 1966 in Tunisia j) Hasnaoui Mellit (born in 1972 in Morocco) k) Arouri Taoufik ben Taieb born 9 Feb. 1964 in Tunisia l) Abouechiba Brahim born 2 Sep. 1966 in Lebanon m) Farid Arouri born 2 Jun. 1964 in Tunisia n) Ben Magid born 2 Jun. 1966 in Lebanon o) Maci Ssassi born 2 Jun. 1972 in Libya p) Salah ben Anan born 2 Apr. 1966 in Tunisia q) Hasnaui Mellit (born in 1972 in Morocco) Low quality a.k.a.: Abou Djarrah Nationality: Tunisia Passport no: Tunisia number G827238, issued on 1 Jun. 1996 (expired on 31 May 2001) National identification no: 05093588 Address: Libya Street Number 9, Manzil Tmim, Nabeul, Tunisia Listed on: 12 Nov. 2003 ( amended on 20 Dec. 2005, 10 Aug. 2009, 16 May 2011, 23 Feb. 2016 ) Other information: Extradited from Italy to Tunisia on 13 Dec. 2008. Imprisoned in Mornaguia Prison on 29 Nov. 2011 pursuant to an order issued by the Court of First Instance of Grombalia for excavation of artefacts without a licence (case No. 12680/2011). Released on 27 Dec. 2011 after charges against him were dismissed. Inadmissible to the Schengen area.  Mother’s name is Mabrukah al‑Yazidi.  Review pursuant to Security Council resolution 1822 (2008) was concluded on 22 Apr. 2010.  INTERPOL-UN Security Council Special Notice web link:

The names of individuals and entities removed from the ISIL (Da’esh) and Al‑Qaida Sanctions List pursuant to a decision by the Committee may be found in the “Press Releases” section on the Committee's website.  Other information about the ISIL (Da’esh) and Al‑Qaida Sanctions List may also be found on the Committee's website at the following URL:

The ISIL (Da’esh) and Al‑Qaida Sanctions List is updated regularly on the basis of relevant information provided by Member States and international and regional organizations.  An updated List is accessible on the ISIL (Da’esh) and Al‑Qaida Sanctions Committee’s website at the following URL:

The Consolidated United Nations Security Council List is also updated following all changes made to the ISIL (Da’esh) and Al‑Qaida Sanctions List.  An updated version of the Consolidated List is accessible via the following URL:

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