10 July 2019

Statement by Security Council 2374 Committee concerning Mali Sanctions Regime/Sanctions List

The members of the Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 2374 (2017) concerning Mali (the Committee) recalled the provisions of the Agreement on Peace and Reconciliation in Mali (the Agreement) calling upon the Security Council to give its full support to the Agreement, to closely monitor its implementation, and if necessary, to take measures against anyone hindering the implementation of the commitments contained therein or the realization of its objectives.

The members of the Committee strongly regretted that several provisions of the Agreement referenced in paragraph 4 of resolution 2423 (2018) have not yet been fully implemented or started, despite the repeated calls of the Security Council in this sense over the past months and recalled paragraph 3 of resolution 2423 (2018) expressing the intention of the Security Council to respond with measures pursuant to resolution 2374 (2017) should the parties not implement the agreed-upon commitments of the road map adopted on 22 March 2018 within the announced timeframe.

The members of the Committee decided that five individuals be placed on the 2374 Sanctions List.

The members of the Committee expressed their intention to consider favourably the removal of these individuals from the sanctions list, should the priority measures listed in paragraph 4 of resolution 2480 (2019) be fully implemented and should the individuals designated have ceased all illicit activities, including those listed in the statements of case.  In this context, they further expressed their intention to review the impact of these measures on a yearly basis, on the basis of the reports of the panel of experts and within the framework of the regular activities of the Committee established pursuant to resolution 2374 (2017).

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