4 June 2019
29th Meeting (AM)

Concluding Session, Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations Recommends Status for 219 Groups, Adopts Report Containing 2020 Meeting Schedule

The Committee on Non-Governmental Organizations concluded its 2019 session today, adopting the report of its resumed session containing six draft decisions on matters calling for action by the Economic and Social Council; among them, dates for the accreditation body’s 2020 session.

The Council would approve the provisional agenda for the Committee’s 2020 session and decide to hold its regular session from 20 to 29 January, and on 7 February, with its resumed session to be held from 18 to 28 May, and on 5 June.

By its other decisions, the Committee recommended that the Council grant special consultative status to 219 non-governmental organizations.  It would also decide to immediately suspend 198 non-governmental organizations for one year due to non-compliance with their reporting obligation, requesting the Secretary-General to advise them of such.  Furthermore, the Council would reinstate the consultative status of 37 organizations which had submitted their outstanding quadrennial reports.

Further, the Council would decide to immediately withdraw the consultative status of 115 organizations which remain in non-compliance with the reporting obligation after having been suspended.  It would also withdraw consultative status for Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Association, which ceased to exist.

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