16 March 2018

Secretary-General Urges Justice for Rohingya Community, in Video Message on Refugee Crisis Joint Response Plan

Following is the text of UN Secretary-General António Guterres’ video message on the joint response plan for the Rohingya refugee crisis, in Geneva today:

Ladies and gentlemen, the suffering of the Rohingya people remains deep, disturbing and relentless.  As a result, Bangladesh has witnessed the world’s fastest-growing refugee crisis.

The Rohingya are under siege as a group — simply for who they are.  Many refugees are victims of horrific trauma — psychological and physical — cast out of their homes and country in a clear example of ethnic cleansing.

Thanks to the swift and focused response from Bangladesh, with the support of the international community, lifesaving assistance has reached more than a million people.  With the monsoon season approaching, we must work even harder.

Let us ensure the Rohingya community receives assistance, solutions — including their human right to nationality — and justice.

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