22 August 2016

Security Council ISIL (Da’esh) and Al-Qaida Sanctions Committee Amends One Entry on Its Sanctions List

On 22 August 2016, the Security Council Committee pursuant to resolutions 1267 (1999), 1989 (2011) and 2253 (2015) enacted the amendments specified with underline and strikethrough in the entry below on its ISIL (Da’esh) and Al-Qaida Sanctions List of individuals and entities subject to the assets freeze, travel ban and arms embargo set out in paragraph 2 of Security Council resolution 2253 (2015) adopted under Chapter VII of the Charter of the United Nations:

A. Individual associated with ISIL (Da’esh) and Al-Qaida

QDi.135 Name: 1: DAWOOD 2: IBRAHIM 3: KASKAR 4: na
Title: Sheikh Designation: na DOB: 26 Dec. 1955 POB: a) Bombai b) Kher, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra,India Good quality a.k.a.: a) Dawood Ebrahim b) Sheikh Dawood Hassan c) Abdul Hamid Abdul Aziz d) Anis Ibrahim e) Aziz Dilip f) Daud Hasan Shaikh Ibrahim Kaskar g) Daud Ibrahim Memon Kaskar h) Dawood Hasan Ibrahim Kaskar i) Dawood Ibrahim Memon j) Dawood Sabri k) Kaskar Dawood Hasan l) Shaikh Mohd Ismail Abdul Rehman m) Dowood Hassan Shaikh Ibrahim n) Dawood Bhai Low quality a.k.a.: a) Ibrahim Shaikh Mohd Anis b) Shaikh Ismail Abdul c) Hizrat d) Sheikh Farooqi e) Bada Seth f) Bada Bhai g) Iqbal Bhai h) Mucchad i) Haji Sahab Nationality: Indian Passport no.: a) Indian number A-333602, issued on 4 Jun. 1985, issued in Bombay, India (passport subsequently revoked by the Government of India) b) Indian number M110522, issued on 13 Nov. 1978, issued in Bombay c) Indian number R841697, issued on 26 Nov. 1981, issued in Bombay d) Indian number F823692 (JEDDAH) issued by CGI in Jeddah, issued on 2 Sep. 1989 e) Indian number A501801 (BOMBAY), issued on 26 Jul. 1985 f) Indian number K560098 (BOMBAY), issued on 30 Jul. 1975 g) Passport number V57865 (BOMBAY), issued on 3 Oct. 1983 h) Passport number P537849 (BOMBAY), issued on 30 Jul. 1979 i) Passport number A717288 (MISUSE), issued on 18 Aug. 1985, issued in Dubai j) Pakistani number G866537 (MISUSE), issued on 12 Aug. 1991, issued in Rawalpindi k) Passport number C-267185 (issued in Karachi in Jul.1996) l) Passport number H-123259 (issued in Rawalpindi in Jul. 2001) m) Passport number G-869537 (issued in Rawalpindi) n) Passport number KC-285901 National identification no.: na Address: a) Karachi, Pakistan ( White House, Near Saudi Mosque, Clifton) b) (House Nu 37 - 30th Street - defence, Housing Authority, Karachi, Pakistan) c) (Palatial bungalow in the hilly area of Noorabad in Karachi) d) (Property at Margalla Raod F 6/2 Street no. 22, House number 29 in Karachi) Listed on: 3 Nov. 2003 (amended on 21 Mar. 2006, 25 Jul. 2006, 2 Jul. 2007, 11 Mar. 2010, 22 August 2016) Other information: Father’s name is Sheikh Ibrahim Ali Kaskar, mother’s name is Amina Bi, wife’s name is Mehjabeen Shaikh. International arrest warrant issued by the Government of India. Review pursuant to Security Council resolution 1822 (2008) was concluded on 20 May 2010.

The Committee’s ISIL (Da’esh) and Al-Qaida Sanctions List is updated regularly on the basis of relevant information provided by Member States and international and regional organizations.  An updated List is accessible on the Committee’s website at the following URL:

The Consolidated United Nations Security Council Sanctions List is also updated following all changes made to the ISIL (Da’esh) and Al-Qaida Sanctions List.  An updated version of the Consolidated List is accessible via the following URL:

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