19 October 2015

Security Council 2140 Sanctions Committee Briefed by Panel of Experts on Yemen on International Humanitarian Law, Finance Aspects of Mandate

On 9 October, the Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 2140 (2014) was briefed by the Panel of Experts on international humanitarian law and finance aspects of its mandate.  The Committee also held an exchange on the briefing and recommendations by the Panel of Experts.

The members of the Panel noted that they continue investigations on the implementation of the assets freeze as well as on the attempts by some designated individuals to circumvent the effects of the targeted sanctions.  They also underlined that the Panel seeks further cooperation from Member States in replying to its queries in a timely manner so as to support the Panel in the fulfilment of its mandate.

The members of the Panel also underlined the need to take all necessary steps to ensure that the Panel has the ability to investigate all violations of international humanitarian law, including through access and travel to all parts of Yemen.

Members of the Committee reaffirmed their readiness to facilitate the Panel’s work, in line with its mandate, by, inter alia, urging Member States to freeze assets by the individuals or entities designated by the Committee, or by individuals or entities acting on their behalf or at their direction, or by entities owned or controlled by them.

Members of the Committee also stressed the need for all sides to comply with international humanitarian law, including to take all feasible precautions to minimize harm to civilians and civilian objects and to end the recruitment and use of children in violation of applicable international law, and to urgently work with the United Nations and humanitarian aid organizations to bring assistance to those in need throughout the country.

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