4 June 2015

Security Council Committee Concerning Sudan Convenes Meeting with Sudan, Regional States

At its sixth formal meeting on 29 May 2015, the Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 1591 (2005) concerning the Sudan met with representatives to the United Nations of the Sudan, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Libya, with the aim of strengthening dialogue between the Committee and invited delegations, particularly on the challenges faced by the region in achieving full implementation of the measures — arms embargo, travel ban and assets freeze — set out in the same resolution in relation to Darfur. This was the second meeting of its kind, since the establishment of the 1591 Sanctions Committee in 2005.

Another important element discussed during this meeting was the role that the Committee, together with its Panel of Experts, could play in supporting the efforts and policies to combat the proliferation of small arms and light weapons in the region, which fuels the conflict in Darfur and contributes to the destabilization of the region.

Invited delegations expressed their commitment to the implementation of the measures and shared their views and concerns on the subject, while agreeing that support to the Government of the Sudan was key in ensuring the full and effective implementation of the sanctions regime.  Members of the Committee underlined that the close cooperation of the Sudan and Member States, particularly those in the region, with the Committee and its Panel of Experts was also essential towards the full and effective implementation of the sanctions regime.

Meeting participants agreed that the dialogue was very useful and should continue.

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