14 July 2014

World Standing Behind People of Haiti, Says Secretary-General following Meeting with Family Affected by Cholera

14 July 2014
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World Standing Behind People of Haiti, Says Secretary-General


following Meeting with Family Affected by Cholera


Following are UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s remarks after visiting a family affected by cholera, in Los Palmas today:

Bonswa.  [Good afternoon in Creole.]

Mesdames et Messieurs, M. le Premier Ministre,

Je suis venu à Los Palmas en tant que Secrétaire général de l’Organisation des Nations Unies, pour voir par moi-même les effets réels du choléra et exprimer moi-même mes plus sincères condoléances et sympathies au peuple haïtien qui a été affecté par le choléra.

Je viens d’avoir un entretien très émouvant avec la famille de Monsieur Prospere.  J’ai appris avec beaucoup de tristesse leur souffrance. 

Les Nations Unies sont prêtes à travailler étroitement avec le Gouvernement haïtien, le Président Martelly, le Premier Ministre Lamothe [pour] apporter un soutien aux Haïtiens.  Permettez moi de parler en anglais.

I am very much humble and sad to have seen all this tragedy that has been affecting many Haitian people.

I believe that the whole international community, including the United Nations, has a moral duty to help those people to stem the further spread of cholera.

I am going to launch together with the Prime Minister today the “Total Sanitation Campaign” here in Los Palmas.  And also we are going to raise support and [vaccinate] 200,000 people starting later this month.

This is a firm commitment of the United Nations.  And I am working with major donors, and also the World Bank and other partners of the Haitian Government so that the people will never suffer from this cholera.  I think that if we are united we can help Haitian people.  You can count on the United Nations.  This is why I am here myself.

This is my fifth time.  I was here immediately after the earthquake; then after that I came back again.  Of course, before that I came here with former [US] President [Bill] Clinton to help the socioeconomic development of Haiti.

Having been struck by this terrible earthquake, I know how big challenges Haitian people have.  But the Haitian people should know that all people around the world are standing behind them.

That’s why I am here — to bring a sense of hope, to bring a sense of strong support.


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