14 November 2014

Security Council Sanctions Committee Concerning the Central African Republic Draws Attention to Recommendation in Panel of Experts Final Report

On 14 November 2014, the Security Council Committee established pursuant to resolution 2127 (2013) concerning the Central African Republic drew attention to the recommendation contained in paragraph 223 (n) of the final report of the Panel of Experts on the Central African Republic dated 29 October 2014 (document S/2014/762), which is available on the Committee’s website (

Paragraph 223 [page 56]:  The Panel recommends that:

“(n) The Committee urge exporters, importers, processors and consumers of Central African gold to mitigate the risk of further exacerbating the conflict in the Central African Republic by following due diligence guidance, as it is being implemented through the Regional Certification Mechanism of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region.”

For information media. Not an official record.