23 July 2014

Security Council Press Statement on Libya’s Elections

23 July 2014
Security Council
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Security Council Press Statement on Libya’s Elections


The following Security Council press statement was issued today by Council President Eugène-Richard Gasana (Rwanda):

The members of the Security Council welcomed the announcement of the final results of Libya’s parliamentary elections held on 25 June.  They commended the Libyan people and the efforts of the High National Electoral Commission in ensuring their success, despite ongoing security challenges.

The members of the Security Council urged the expeditious seating of the Council of Representatives to begin the important work of building political consensus among the Libyan people, agreeing upon a government and urgently seeking to progress Libya’s democratic transition.  They reiterated their support for the Constitutional Drafting Assembly’s important work to draft a constitution that meets the aspirations of the Libyan people to pave the way for a secure and prosperous future for Libya.

The members of the Security Council condemned once again the continued violence in Libya, including the fighting around Tripoli International Airport, and reaffirmed that violence and threat of violence is unacceptable and should not be used to pursue political goals.  They reiterated once again the need for all sides to engage in political dialogue and refrain from violence and actions that challenge the stability of the State.

The members of the Security Council underscored the importance of a durable commitment of the international community, in close coordination with the United Nations, to support Libya’s elected representatives and Government as they work to bring peace and stability to Libya.  They reiterated their support to the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) and the Special Representative of the Secretary General, and their efforts to facilitate a meaningful Libyan-led national dialogue in Libya, and strongly encouraged further steps in this regard.

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