23 May 2014
Pacific Regional Seminar, AM & PM Meetings

As Pacific Regional Seminar Concludes, Special Committee Considers Ways to Accelerate Decolonization with Midpoint of Third Decade Approaching

NADI, FIJI, 23 May — At the conclusion of its three-day discussion on ways in which to accelerate decolonization, participants in the 2014 Pacific Regional Seminar considered the event’s impact on the process and debated the way forward in promoting the goals of the Third International Decade.

In his closing statement, Xavier Lasso Mendoza (Ecuador), Chairman of the United Nations Special Committee on Decolonization, noted the participation in the Seminar of representatives from Non-Self-Governing Territories, observers, experts and regional organizations.  He said it was important to continue and strengthen the present round of consultations, launched in 2013, in order to reach their objective on a case-by-case basis and pursuant to relevant United Nations resolutions.

He said the Special Committee had reinforced the role of the regional seminars as critical to the essential analysis of the actual situation in the Territories, while facilitating an exchange of views between and among a range of stakeholders.  The Special Committee’s draft report on the Seminar, including its conclusions and recommendations, would be considered and finalized by the participating members in New York and presented to the Special Committee at its 2014 substantive session.

Jose Antonio Cousiño (Chile), Rapporteur of the Seminar, outlined the draft report and said that the Special Committee would study in depth all the ideas and proposals from participants, particularly those from Non-Self-Governing Territories, while formulating the report.

An official from Fiji’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterated the sentiments expressed by the Prime Minister during the traditional opening ceremony about the importance of listening to the people of the Non-Self-Governing Territories, and the threat posed by specific challenges in the Pacific region.

The Seminar closed with the approval of a draft resolution expressing appreciation to the Government and people of Fiji for providing the Special Committee with the necessary facilities for the Seminar, as well as for their generous and kind hospitality and warm reception.

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