Ad Hoc Committee Negotiating Comprehensive Anti-Terrorism Opens One-Week Headquarters Session

11 April 2011

Ad Hoc Committee Negotiating Comprehensive Anti-Terrorism Opens One-Week Headquarters Session

11 April 2011
General Assembly
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Ad Hoc Committee on Assembly

Resolution 51/210

47th Meeting (PM)

Ad Hoc Committee Negotiating Comprehensive Anti-Terrorism


Opens One-Week Headquarters Session


The Chairman of the General Assembly committee negotiating a comprehensive anti-terrorism convention opened the panel’s fifteenth session this afternoon encouraging delegates to resolve outstanding issues “which have occupied us for some years”, especially since there was now broad agreement on the bulk of the text of the proposed treaty.

“It is my hope that in the course of this week we will make further strides towards meeting the goal that many have expressed on numerous occasions, namely, the conclusion of the comprehensive convention,” said Rohan Perera of Sri Lanka, Chairperson of the Ad Hoc Committee established by the Assembly in 1996 under its resolution 51/21.

In his remarks, he noted that he had served the Committee in various capacities since its first formal session in 1997.  As in the past, he would reiterate that, as consultations proceeded during the session, which runs through Friday, 15 April, delegations must ensure that the integrity of what had been accomplished over the past 14 years was preserved.  In that regard, he noted that the bulk of the draft convention was now contained in document A/C.6/65/L.10, which also included various written proposals on outstanding issues.  All proposals would “remain on the table” as work continued this week.

“Let us take full advantage of the time available to advance our work on the remaining outstanding issues,” he said, adding that the Assembly had last year also tasked the Committee to consider the question of convening a high-level United Nations conference.  A proposal sponsored by Egypt would have such a meeting focus on formulating “a joint organized response to terrorism in all its forms and manifestations,” he added.

Moving on to procedural matters, Mr. Perera noted that, in the past, the Ad Hoc Committee had maintained its Bureau to the extent that its officers from previous sessions were still available to serve.  As that was the case, Maria Telalian ( Greece) and Ana Cristina Rodríguez-Pineda ( Guatemala), would continue on as Vice-Chairpersons.

As Namira Nabil Negm ( Egypt) was no longer available, the African Group had nominated Dire Tladi ( South Africa) to serve as a Vice-Chair in her stead.  In addition, as Andi Xhoi ( Albania) was not available to continue serving as Rapporteur, the Eastern European Group had nominated Petr Valek ( Czech Republic) to take over that position.

Before moving immediately into the first round of informal consultations, the Chairman sketched out the Committee’s daily work plan, and members approved the provisional agenda for the fifteenth session.

The Committee plans to hold its next plenary meeting at 10 a.m. Friday, 15 April.

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