Independent Evaluation of ‘Delivering as One’ to Generate New Insights, Says Deputy Secretary-General as High-level Tripartite Conference Concludes

16 June 2010

Independent Evaluation of ‘Delivering as One’ to Generate New Insights, Says Deputy Secretary-General as High-level Tripartite Conference Concludes

16 June 2010
Deputy Secretary-General
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Independent Evaluation of ‘Delivering as One’ to Generate New Insights, Says

Deputy Secretary-General as High-level Tripartite Conference Concludes


Following are UN Deputy Secretary-General Asha-Rose Migiro’s closing remarks to the High-level Tripartite Conference on “Delivering as One:  Lessons from Country-led Evaluations and the Way Forward”, in Hanoi on 16 June:

I am deeply gratified by the outcome of this Conference.  It is clear that “Delivering as One” is making a great contribution to system-wide coherence and better development results of the United Nations system’s work on the ground.

I congratulate the pilot countries and the countries voluntarily adopting the “Delivering as One” approach in reaching consensus on the conclusions and messages from this meeting.  I also thank donors for supporting the “Delivering as One” process.

In Kigali, the eight programme pilot countries were unequivocal in their agreement that “there is no going back”.  Indeed, the foundations of a more coherent, more effective, and more efficient United Nations system at the country level have been laid.  Experiences with the “One Plan/One Programme” and the “One Budgetary Framework/One Fund” have shown how the United Nations system can be more responsive to needs and priorities.

These experiences have also shown how the mandates and resources of the entire United Nations system, including those of Non-Resident Agencies, can be improved, and how the system’s contribution can be more focused and results-oriented.  We now have better means of ensuring that United Nations Development Assistance Frameworks (UNDAFs) are more robust as an instrument of coherence and accountability.

There is a clear commitment of the United Nations development system to mutual accountability, including through a strengthened resident coordination system.  Through the establishment of pooled funding mechanisms, we now have a way to address fragmented and competitive efforts to mobilize funds for operational activities for development.

Government oversight and leadership are being strengthened by the One Budgetary Framework and One Fund management arrangements.  Generous contributions to these funds show support for this way of working.  And we are achieving significant efficiency gains from the “one office”.

Of course, we are also aware that there is still much to be done at Headquarters and elsewhere to make the United Nations system work more seamlessly across organizations.  We will continue to work through the Chief Executives Board to harmonize business practices.  We are continuing to encourage individual country initiatives, some of which are being supported by donor contributions.

I am pleased to say that interest in “Delivering as One” continues to grow around the world.  Best practices from the pilot countries can help those that are rolling out new UNDAFs.  Already, we are seeing some encouraging South-South cooperation in this field.

In the future, there will be a need for clearer guidance on minimum standards of practice, and on what is voluntary and what is optional.  The forthcoming independent evaluation can also be expected to generate new insights.  These will inform Member States as they provide guidance to the United Nations development system, particularly through the General Assembly’s comprehensive review of operational activities for development in 2012.

Thank you for your participation.  As authorities in your own countries, your input is helping to chart the future course of policy and action.

Let me again express appreciation to the Government of Viet Nam for successfully organizing this Conference.  I also acknowledge the Viet Nam One UN donor group, the eight programme pilot countries, and the secretariat of the United Nations Development Operations Coordination Office and the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

Finally, my thanks to all for your participation and engagement.  You have provided much food for thought as we continue to work to ensure that the United Nations system delivers meaningful results for people and a better world for all.

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