17 September 2004


Press Release

New Permanent Representative of iraq Presents Credentials

(Based on information received from the Protocol and Liaison Service.)

Samir Shakir Mahmood Sumaidaie, the new Permanent Representative of Iraq to the United Nations, presented his credentials today to Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

Previously, Mr. Sumaidaie served as Iraq’s Minister of the Interior (2004), and as a member of the country’s Governing Council (2003).  While serving on the Governing Council, he chaired the Media Committee, which established the Iraqi Telecoms and Media Commission and the Public Service Broadcasting Institution.  He also chaired the Committee on Provinces; acted as Deputy Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee; and served on the Security, Finance and Public Services Committees.

Prior to that, Mr. Sumaidaie worked as Managing Director of China Business International in Beijing (1996-2003); Managing Director of Samir Design Ltd in London (1991-1996); Managing Director of Turath Ltd. in London (1982-1990); and Managing Director of Tenda Ltd. in London (1978-1982).  He also worked in London as the Middle East manager for the computer consultant firm, Logica Ltd. (1974-1978), and as Middle East manager of Nixdorf Computers in Paderborn, Germany (1973-1974).

As a long-time opponent of Iraq’s former regime, Mr. Sumaidaie left Iraq in 1973 and lived in exile, mainly in London.  He participated in several demonstrations and conferences against Baathist rule, including the Beirut and Vienna Iraqi Opposition Conferences in 1991 and the New York Iraqi Opposition Conference in 1992.  In 1993, he joined other Iraqis in forming and launching the manifesto of the Democratic Party of Iraq.  He has written extensively on Iraqi politics, and has translated a book by Ahmed Al-Habboubi entitled The Night of the Long Lament -- A Day in the Life of an Iraqi Dissident from Arabic to English.

Mr. Sumaidaie attended DurhamUniversity in the United Kingdom, where he received a Bachelor’s of Science in electrical engineering.  Subsequently, he served a postgraduate apprenticeship with the English Electric Company in Leister, United Kingdom.

Born in Baghdad in 1943, Mr. Sumaidaie is married with five children.

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