Pacific POPIN

Overview of Pacific POPIN
Brief profiles of Pacific POPIN
Recommendations of the Pacific POPIN Workshop of 3-6 April 1995

c/o Pacific Information Centre, Library, University of the South Pacific, P.O. Box 1168, Suva, Fiji
(679) 313900
(679) 300830
Type of organization
Information centre, publication unit
Major functions of the parent organization
Education and training institution
Resource base
Size of collection
610 book titles, 15 periodical titles on population
Classification system used
Library of Congress (LC)
Cataloguing rules used
Thesaurus used
LC subject headings
Information on computer equipment
IBM PC/XT compatible
Application of computer
Acquisitions, bibliographic information storage and retrieval, book catalogue, selective dissemination of information, production of publications, letters and correspondence, desk-top publishing
External database services used
Commercial database
Services and products
User services provided
Enquiry/reference, referral, repackaging of information/production of publications, routing of periodicals, borrowing priviledges, inter-library loans, photocopy services, microfilming and/or copying of microforms, SDI, literature searches, document distribution/redistribution service, user education/training/briefings, organization of meetings/training courses, briefing programmes
Publications produced
Acquisition lists of books/periodicals, current awareness/current contents, topical bibliographies, directories, newsletters, brochures, flyers, posters, audio-visual materials
Most frequent types of users
Policy makers, programme planners and decision makers, tertiary students, researchers, academicians/teachers, regional and international information centres
Size of mailing list
300 addresses
Member of
Asia Pacific POPIN; Global POPIN
Information exchange
University of the South Pacific Centres based in 11 countries of the South Pacific region; South Pacific Commission; IPPF
Area of expertise that can be shared with other countries
Information networking, library automation, library resource management
Training courses that can be provided to other centres
Basic library skill, integrating information skills in school curriculum