Data User Service (DUS)

Data User Service (DUS) offers you any data on China's population and related socioeconomic data--total population by region, age-sex composition, population density, labor force, fertility, and more--to help you do marketing research, make investment in China, conduct demographic research, and so on.

DUS is a data service system built up in the China Population Information and Research Center (CPIRC) with assistance of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in 1992, aimed at systematically collecting, inventorying, processing and disseminating China's population data. Through this system, all data users including population researchers, policy-makers, businessmen, and other persons, inside or outside China, can get easy access to almost any population data available in China.

DUS is ready to serve you with raw data of population censuses and surveys in China, publications both in Chinese and in English, and all kinds of machine-readable data on floppy diskettes, tapes and compact disks.

Equipped with high-performance facilities with U.S.-trained staff, DUS is also able to provide services on request: processing and analyzing data, preparing maps by the application of GIS software, making population estimates and projections, and marke t research.

Any time, any data, please contact DUS!

Our address is:
          Data User Service (DUS)
          China Population Information and Research Center (CPIRC)
          12 Dahuisi, Haidian, Beijing, 100081; P.O. Box 2444; P.R.China
          Phone: 86-10-62173519/86-10-62173531
          Fax:   86-10-62172101

Our services include:
          DUS publication series
          Machine readable datasets on floppy diskettes
          Raw data of population censuses and surveys
          Data analysis and data processing
          Market research
          Population estimates and projection
          Preparation of population GIS