United Nations Headquarters, New York


President Abdulla Shahid is in Singapore today.

Earlier this morning our time, he met with the President, Madame Halimah Yacob. The meeting touched on the importance of multilateralism.

He also met with Prime Minister Lee Sien Loong. They discussed multilateralism, sustainable development and cyber security – among other issues.

President Shahid then visited the UNDP Global Centre for Technology, Innovation and Sustainable Development.

On Sunday, the President had a number of site visits with Ms. Grace Fu, the Minister for Sustainability and the Environment. Those include the Marina Barrage, which supplies water to all of Singapore.

The President will return to New York tomorrow.



Turning to the Commission for Social Development…

The theme this year focuses on eradicating poverty and hunger…

In a video message, President Abdulla Shahid urged the international community to ensure that history remembers the pandemic as a turning point – “as the moment when humanity embraced a better future, pivoted to sustainability, abandoned tired excuses, and pursued a path that empowered all people, that protected our planet, that built prosperity, and that left a new generation with hope.”

He spoke about the positive impact of social protection measures.

He also noted key areas that require action, these are:

Investing and sharing of technologies;

Prioritizing universal access to basic services and infrastructure;

Investment in training and education – that includes investment in green and blue recovery;

And closing the gaps between those left furthest behind – in particular, the impact on women and girls, including those who lived through a so-called “shadow pandemic” of increased domestic violence.



And this week marks one month since the eight young diplomats known as the Fellows of HOPE arrived in New York.

They began in their rotations – working with the different areas of OPGA: Peace and Security; Human Rights; Humanitarian; Sustainable Development; Reform, Legal and Budget; Communications.

They have spent two days each work working in their Permanent Missions.

And on Fridays, they are in weekly training workshops on various themes pertaining to the UN. In January, those were about the main organs of the UN and multilateral negotiations. Last Friday, they heard from UN Protocol.

We expect to have more about the Fellows in the monthly OPGA newsletter which will come out soon.



There were no questions for the Spokesperson.