On this World Teachers’ Day, I have the honour as President of the United Nations General Assembly at its 74th session,

to congratulate all teachers all over the world for the great work they are doing for all of us.

The teaching profession is one of the noblest professions and it has been so for millennia. We’ve all come to agree that no society can develop past its educational system. Within that system, the teacher is at the centre.

The quality of the teacher is critical to what is delivered or not delivered in any educational system. In particular, I take this opportunity to congratulate and acknowledge the great work young professionals are doing as teachers.

They are the future of the profession. They have taken on a very important task. A teacher, as we all know, is a mentor, is a comforter, is someone who helps with inquiry, is someone who inspires younger persons or even older persons.

What is important is that the teacher is always there to do what is right and good for people. Today more than ever before there are opportunities for people to learn faster using different exciting platforms.

I urge young professional teachers to use all the technologies available in delivering their lessons, in teachings and also in learning because they must continue to learn.

This is the exciting thing about teachers, every teacher is also a learner. That’s what makes the profession, and I am a teacher myself, such an exciting profession.

On this World Teachers’ Day 2019, once again I salute all teachers all over the world and in particular young professional teachers.