Jun 3, 2020

This year, on World Bicycle Day, we acknowledge the uniqueness, longevity and versatility of the bicycle.

Bicycles are used every day across our globe -from the most affluent nations- to developing, and the least developed countries.

Evidence suggests that even before COVID-19, many people turned to cycling as an affordable and equitable mode of transportation, leading to a longer and healthier life. Cycling has not only proven to improve physical health, but also has a positive impact on mental health and subjective well-being

In many countries, owning a bicycle has an even more significant impact for families, lifting them out of poverty, while providing them with improved access to quality education, jobs, markets, and community activities when public transportation is unavailable.

In times of COVID-19, cities are being challenged to rethink their infrastructure, with bicycles playing a vital role in offering a quiet, economical, and non-polluting alternative to cars and public transportation systems.

Safe, efficient, low carbon and affordable mobility for all is essential to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.  Investing in city infrastructure to support cycling, from protected lanes to bike-share programs, will contribute to a more safe, resilient and sustainable future for all of us. 

I wish a happy World Bicycle Day to all bicycle enthusiasts!