World Health Day 2020

Apr 6, 2020

World Health Day 2020 

7 April 2020

On World Health Day our thoughts are with the families and loved ones of those who have succumbed to COVID-19. To those who are suffering from the effects of the novel coronavirus, I wish you a swift recovery.

I salute all healthcare workers who are selflessly serving humanity during the greatest challenge to face our world since the creation of the United Nations 75 years ago.

Healthcare workers cannot do this alone, it is incumbent upon each of us to take action. The onus is on us as individuals to wash our hands and practice social distancing. It is our collective responsibility to take multilateral action to combat COVID-19.

I call on Member States to continue to give their full support to all healthcare professionals who are on the frontlines of the fight against coronavirus.

Today let us reflect upon the first high-level meeting of the 74th session of the General Assembly which was focused on global health. 

In a landmark political declaration on universal health coverage, Heads of State and Government committed to scale up national and global efforts to build a healthier world for all.

World leaders acknowledged that an investment in health is an investment in human capital, social and economic development and the empowerment of all people. As we contend with COVID-19, it is clear that we must adopt a biosocial approach in order to strengthen our health systems and uphold our promise to leave no one behind.

To our healthcare heroes who are fighting tirelessly to keep our world safe, remember that we stand with you.

On World Health Day, and every day, solidarity is our first line of defense.