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ONU resalta clima favorable para la erradicación de plásticos de uso único

La ecuatoriana María Fernanda Espinosa, presidenta de la Asamblea General de la ONU, afirmó a Efe en Antigua que “hay un clima mundial favorable a erradicar la utilización de plásticos de uso único”, con motivo de la realización este sábado en la isla caribeña de un gran concierto para promover ese propósito.

U.N. General Assembly President Sets Her Sights on Plastic Pollution

María Fernanda Espinosa Garcés, president of the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly, singled it out as a key environmental concern she wants the body to address during her tenure, which began in September. She worked with several countries on launching a campaign in December to raise awareness and encourage phasing out single-use plastics, and has initiated a phase-out of such products at U.N. headquarters. Espinosa spoke with Scientific American in her office about the growing awareness of plastic pollution and the role she sees the U.N. playing in tackling it.

Visita a Cuba de María Fernanda Espinosa

La viceministra de Relaciones exteriores, Anayansi Rodríguez, despidió a la presidenta de la Asamblea General de las Naciones Unidas, María Fernanda Espinosa, quien finalizó la tarde de este sábado su visita a Cuba. Antes de abandonar el país, la alta funcionaria ofreció declaraciones a la prensa.

“More Plastics Than Fish” | Maria & Camilla

New York produces 12,000 tons of waste every day. Out of that 12,000 tons, only 17 percent is recycled. In this no-nonsense conversation, the founder of no-waste restaurant west~bourne, Camilla Marcus, and the President of the United Nations General Assembly, María Fernanda Espinosa, discuss solutions small and large to plastic pollution. Who is responsible for weaning society off its toxic addiction to plastic? And who should bear the brunt of regulation: consumers, corporations, restaurants, or manufacturers?