Environment and Climate Action

Global challenges truly require global solutions. The United Nations General Assembly, which includes a significant number of environmentally vulnerable countries, is uniquely placed to accelerate efforts for Environment and Climate Action. This includes drawing attention to a number of key areas for action of the Paris Agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and encouraging higher ambition in its achievement. We will pave the way for the preparation of the Climate Summit in September 2019, especially looking at means of implementation regarding climate financing, capacity building and transfer of low carbon technologies.

Moreover, given the harmful impact of the pervasive use and ineffective waste management of plastics on global health, food security and ecosystems, we will undertake a strong global campaign against plastic pollution in order to contribute to build cleaner waters and oceans. This will require, among others, a concerted effort involving all relevant stakeholders from private, public and civic sectors to identify best practices and spearhead efforts towards sustainable consumption and production.