Elina Lemmetty-Hartoneva

Elina Lemmetty

Elina Lemmetty

Senior Adviser and Team Coordinator | Budget and Administration


Elina Lemmetty is a Senior Adviser and the Team Coordinator for Budget and Administration in the Office of the President of the 72nd Session of the UN General Assembly. She is responsible for financing and administration of the Office of the President, as well as issues related to UN budget and management in the General Assembly, including management and budgetary reforms. She is also covering issues related to migration.

In the Office of the President of the 71st Session of the General Assembly, Elina was responsible for UN financing and management in the Administrative and Budgetary Committee (Fifth Committee). She also covered other UN institutional matters, including participation of civil society organizations at the UN, as well as issues related to migration.

Prior to joining the Office of the President, Elina served at the Permanent Mission of Finland to the UN in New York, covering UN budgets and administration, UN reforms, as well as matters related to good governance, accountability and transparency. During her three years with the Mission she participated in the work of the Fifth Committee as a facilitator, negotiator and a bureau member.

Elina is a Finnish career diplomat who has covered issues from international law and human rights to regional development cooperation with (Southern African Development Community) SADC countries during her career in the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. She has also worked in the Consulate General of Finland in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Before joining the diplomatic service, Elina worked as lawyer and compliance officer in the private sector. She is fluent in English and Finnish, understands French and Swedish and speaks elementary Russian.