Ahood Alzaabi

Adviser, Global Health and General Assembly revitalization

Ahood AlzaabiAhood Al Zaabi is the Adviser for Human rights, humanitarian and legal team in the Office of the President of the 70th Session of the United Nations General Assembly. Her special focus is on global health issues, the GA revitalization including the Security Council reform.

Ahood is a career diplomat who joined the UAE Foreign Service in 2009. She served as Director of the Office of the Assistant Foreign Minister for Economic Affairs. In that role, she was responsible for briefing the Minister and supporting him on foreign missions, representing the department in the inter-agency process, managing significant internal projects, as well as organizing international conferences, representing the UAE in international meetings, and liaising with foreign government representatives.

Prior to joining the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, she served as an Economic Researcher in the UAE Ministry of Economy. Most recently Ahood served as an Adviser in the Office of the President of the 69th session of the General Assembly, in charge of humanitarian issues, health and culture. In that role, she was monitoring and liaising with the UN agencies and other stakeholders to ensure a coherent response to emergencies, advocate for the rights of people in need, promote preparedness and prevention, and facilitate sustainable solutions dealing with health issues liaising with UN agencies and other stakeholders on culture, regarding their work related to protection and promotion of cultural heritage.