PGA 70th Session

General Assembly Seventieth session 113th plenary meeting Question of equitable representation on and increase in the membership of the Security Council and other matters related to the Security Council [item 121]


H.E. Mogens Lykketoft’s goal, as President of the 70th session of the General Assembly, is to support Member States to implement their ambitious and transformative 2030 Agenda through a New Commitment to Action as follows:

1. Sustainable Development

Advance the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals forging progress on the means of implementation and supportive multi-stakeholder engagement

2. Peace and Security

Advance efforts to strengthen the role and performance of the UN’s engagement in peace and security issues, including UN peace operations

3. Human Rights

Support the integration of human rights into all processes and events with a focus on the needs of the millions of people affected by conflicts and disasters

4. Good Governance

Oversee the effective running of the General Assembly, assist with advancing the selection process of the next UN Secretary-General and support efforts aimed at improving the overall functioning of the UN and its principal bodies

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