Statement on peace agreement in Colombia

Statement on the peace agreement in Colombia from the President of the UN General Assembly, H.E. Mogens Lykketoft


UNITED NATIONS, New York, 25 August 2016 – The President of the General Assembly H.E. Mogens Lykketoft congratulates the Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos for the peace agreement with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia that was finalized yesterday after more than 50 years of armed conflict and more than four years of peace negotiations.

“It brings hope to all of us that the longest armed conflict in Latin America can finally come to an end. Especially at a time when armed conflicts and wars in other parts of the world just seem to increase and continue,” Mr Lykketoft said.

The President expressed his gratitude to all parties that were involved in the peace negotiations.

“It’s crucial that the United Nations and the International community now gives Colombia all the support needed in order to implement the peace agreement so it can last and bring the necessary hope and needed prosperity to the Colombian People,” he said.

Mr Lykketoft participated in the meeting in June in Havana, Cuba where the Colombian ceasefire was finally agreed upon.


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