Remarks at Briefing on COP and HLTD on Sustainable Development Goals

Mogens Lykketoft at the briefing on the outcome of COP21 and the HLTD on achieving the SDGs in April 2016

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Statement by H.E. Mr Mogens Lykketoft, President of the 70th session of the General Assembly at Briefing on COP and PGA High Level Thematic Debate on the Sustainable Development Goals

 15 December 2015




Excellencies, as I mentioned earlier I also had the honour to participate in the meetings in Le Bourget.


While there, I chaired part of the Head of State segment.


I also addressed the conference at the opening of the Ministerial segment, participated in different Lima to Paris Action Agenda events and held a number of bilateral meetings.


And from an early stage, it was clear to me that member states were committed to reaching an agreement based on action, ambition and equity.



At a time of great division in our world often linked to matters of resources, poverty, exclusion and climate stresses; this unity, leadership and collective responsibility should not be forgotten anytime.


In each of my engagements in Paris I stressed the links between climate change and the 2030 Agenda. And in reaching agreement, member states also passed with great success the first real test of commitment to that Agenda.


Now, however, as many have noted this weekend, we must begin the hard work of early implementation.


We must do all we can to build on the momentum generated this year by the agreements reached in Sendai, Addis, New York and Paris.


And a key part of this includes maximizing synergies between action on climate change and the more general action on sustainable development goals.


This was a message I heard loud and clear in Paris.


Whether related to energy, agriculture, infrastructure etc, climate action can and will be a major driver of implementation of the SDGs.


We must therefore encourage climate action that brings dual benefits for people and planet.


And we must encourage climate actors to embrace opportunities for action, partnership and investment that drive implementation of the broader poverty eradication and sustainable development agenda.


Therefore, in April, I will hold a High Level Thematic Debate which will address this and other issues crucial to realizing the SDGs.


That meeting will bring together governments, civil society and leaders from the business and investment sector to look at three key issues.


First, I have invited member States to participate at the highest possible level.


And I am asking them to present the steps they are taking to implement the 2030 Agenda.


This is an opportunity to look at the inter-connections between the INDCs, the broader Paris agreement and overall SDG implementation, and to share thinking on how to effectively integrate climate action into overall sustainable development strategies.


I have also invited the Secretary-General, to address how the UN system is moving ahead to support national actions. This will also provide an opportunity for a broader discussion on capacity building for the achievement of the 2030 Agenda.


Second, we will look at how best to catalyse some of the means of implementing the SDGs in terms of technology, information and communication and in terms of financing in all its aspects, but in particular for sustainable, resilient and climate smart infrastructure.


Third, we will examine how best to foster accountable and transparent multi-stakeholder partnerships to support the 2030 Agenda.


Here I want to encourage partners to build on the fantastic examples and initiatives showcased as part of the Lima Paris Action Agenda and I also want them to expand the scope of those partnerships so that they truly embrace the broader objectives of the SDGs.


Excellencies, I look forward to working with you all to make this event a success.


I hope that it will help us to build on the great outcome in Paris and to drive early action to end poverty, address climate change and achieve sustainable development.


Thank you.


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