Annual Report of the Security Council

Introductory remarks by H.E. Mr Mogens Lykketoft, President of the 70th session of the General Assembly, on Consideration by the General Assembly of the Annual Report of the Security Council

 12 November 2015



Excellencies, distinguished delegates, it is my pleasure to preside over this important meeting of the General Assembly as it considers the Annual Report of the UN Security Council.

This introduction to the report has been prepared by New Zealand as President of the Council in July, and is presented today by the current President, Ambassador Rycroft of the United Kingdom.

According to the UN Charter, the annual report of the Security Council shall include an account of the measures that the Council has decided upon or taken to maintain international peace and security. As we look around the world today, it is clear that the Security Council remains a fundamentally important part of this Organization, as it seeks to prevent and end conflicts and tackle other threats to peace and security including violent extremism.

The Council carries out its mandates on behalf of all member states, therefore the Assembly’s consideration of this report is an important aspect of the transparency and accountability that the wider membership expects vis-a-vis the Security Council.

The Annual Report was among the many issues discussed when I address the Security Council Open Debate on Working methods last month and while there have been improvements in the report in recent years, there have also been calls from Member States to further improve its analytical quality.

The report however is only one of many interactions between the Assembly and the Council and such interaction will be particularly vital during this year of joint activity.  As you know, the Security Council Presidency and I are tasked with bringing forward the process to select and appoint the next Secretary General and it is my hope that we will be able to circulate a joint letter clarifying the overall process very soon. The President of the Security Council and I are also working together on the peacebuilding review and re-appointed co-facilitators in September to work towards concurrent and identical General Assembly and Security Council resolutions as the formal outcomes of that process.

Excellencies, I look forward to hearing your views on this year’s Annual report as well as proposals on how best to make it a more useful tool for General Assembly consideration, as we look to continuously improve the interaction between the different Organs of the United Nations.

I thank you for your attention.