Jean-Victor Nkolo has worked at the United Nations for over 20 years. He held managerial positions in 10 United Nations peacekeeping missions. Moreover, he has previously served as Spokesperson for two Presidents of the United Nations General Assembly, namely during the 64th and 65th sessions. He has also served as Spokesperson for the Security Council during some of the Council’s missions outside New York. Before joining the UN, Mr. Nkolo worked for 13 years as an international broadcaster mainly covering conflicts for Radio Canada International, Radio Quebec Television in Montreal, the BBC World Service in London and Radio Netherlands International in Hilversum. A music and film critic, Mr. Nkolo is a member of several cultural foundations and was appointed by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to serve as a Member of the Board of Trustees of the United Nations International School. In 2006 he received an International Peace Award for his contribution to peace, justice and development in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Mr. Nkolo graduated in cinema and audio-visual studies in France, and studied communications sciences in Canada. He is a national of Cameroon.