World Interfaith Harmony Week

New York – February 6, 2015

The Golden Rule

The mosaic “Golden Rule” by artist Norman Rockwell, is a gift from the USA to the UN. It depicts people of different nationalities standing together with the words “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” inscribed on it.

The President of the General Assembly convened a special event on the occasion of World Interfaith Harmony Week in cooperation with the Committee of Religious NGOs at the United Nations (RNGO) on 6 February 2015.

Resolution A/RES/65/5, adopted on 20 October 2010 by the General Assembly, reaffirmed that mutual understanding and inter-religious dialogue constitute important dimensions of a culture of peace and proclaimed the first week of February every year as the World Interfaith Harmony Week between all religions, faiths and beliefs. The World Interfaith Harmony Week was first observed in February 2011.

This year’s special event focused on promoting religious and inter-religious actions for sustainable development.

The event provided an opportunity for religious communities to demonstrate their commitment to sustainable development. It also highlighted the role of multi-religious and multi-sectoral partnership in achieving sustainable development goals.