Postponed 2020 Governing Board elections for six open positions

To worldwide AFICS/NY members,


We wish to inform you that because of the current challenging and unique times as a consequence of COVID-19 pandemic, it has been decided to postpone the AFICS/NY 2020 Governing Board election for six open positions.

AFICS/NY conducts the Governing Board elections through its Nominating Committee by mail and switching to an electronic process using email would entirely disenfranchise a very significant portion, about 1/3, of our members for whom we do not have email addresses.

It was the Governing Board, at its first virtual meeting on 8 April 2020, that decided, following a proposal made by the Nominating Committee, to postpone this year’s election until it can be conducted in the usual manner by mail. Consequently the Governing Board also decided to extend the terms of the six Governing Board members whose terms would expire this summer until circumstances permit the proper election of their successors.

At that time, the Nominating Committee will restart the election process and all those members who have already expressed their interest or have accepted our invitation to participate in this election will also be considered by the Committee.

We hope that you and your families will remain safe and healthy during these unprecedented times



Sudershan Narula, Co-Chair Nominating Committee

Marianne Brzak-Metzler, Co-Chair Nominating Committee