Advancing SDG 7 in Least Developed Countries

Without urgent and enhanced action, the 46 least developed countries (LDCs) will not be able to reach the
SDG 7 targets by 2030. Despite the extraordinary growth potential for the energy sector in LDCs, these countries
rarely benefit from larger financing schemes to the same extent as other, more prosperous, developing
countries. Sustainable energy should therefore be one of the central thematic topics of the new 10-year programme
of action for the LDCs to be adopted at the Fifth UN Conference on the LDCs in 2021.

Ending energy poverty in LDCs will require a radical change of pace and massive investment in the next few
years. In addition, creating an enabling environment for investment and promoting attractive project pipelines
will require well-functioning institutions, as well as public policy and regulatory reforms to help build credibility
with investors and effectively scale up private investment.

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Photo: A woman installing solar panels on the roof in Bhutan. Asian Development Bank