Enhancing the role of the private sector in implementing the Vienna Programme of Action for LLDCs

Jeudi, 03 December 2020 - 11:00am to 12:45pm


The Vienna Programme of Action for Landlocked Developing Countries (VPoA) highlights that renewed and strengthened partnerships with the private sector is critical to the successful implementation of the VPoA. The role of the private sector is highlighted in almost all the priority areas of the VPoA including: improving transit facilitation and establishing efficient transit transport regimes; infrastructure development and maintenance; trade facilitation reforms, structural economic transformation and in the overall implementation of the VPoA.



The event will highlight how the ICC and the Alliance are working with the private sector to promote the implementation of the VPoA and the 2030 Agenda and in addressing the impact of COVID-19. Particular focus will be on mobilization of private sector support in trade facilitation and interventions to strengthen private sector implementation of the Vienna Programme of Action through supply chain resilience and capacity building for Small and Medium Enterprises. Specific case examples of effective practices will be shared and possible areas of partnerships will be identified.



The briefing will be attended by ambassadors and experts from LLDCs. 



The meeting will be virtual and will be held for one and half hours back to back with the LLDC Ambassadorial meeting. The event will feature presentations by the ICC and the Alliance and will be followed by an interactive dialogue with members of the LLDC Group.



The briefing is organized by Chair of LLDCs, Kazakhstan and UN-OHRLLS in close in collaboration with International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). 



The briefing is intended to strengthen the relationship between LLDC member states and the International Chamber of Commerce and its subsidiary and affiliate entities, including the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation. Following the briefing, member-states are invited to undertake bilateral discussions with ICC and the Alliance to identify concrete interventions and advocacy activities which enhance private sector implementation of the Vienna Programme of Action.



Background Materials