12 September 2019

SAO TOME, 12 September 2019 – São Tomé and Príncipe, one of the world’s forty-seven Least Developed Countries (LDCs), will graduate from the category in December 2024. After exceeding the Human Assets Index (HAI) and per capita income thresholds, São Tomé and Príncipe met the criteria for graduation in 2015.

03 July 2019

GENEVA, 3 July 2019 – The Aid for Trade Global Review 2019 took place from 3 to 5 July at the WTO under the theme “Supporting Economic Diversification and Empowerment for Inclusive, Sustainable Development through Aid for Trade”. Session 61 focused on LDC graduation and was broadcast live. To view, click here

31 May 2019

BEIJING, 31 May 2019 – Without urgent and enhanced action, the world’s forty-seven least developed countries will not achieve global sustainable energy targets by 2030. This was the backdrop to discussions which took place over the last two days at a United Nations conference on scaling-up energy access and finance in the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) in Beijing.

26 December 2018

At the Third International Conference on Financing for Development in the Addis Ababa Action Agenda (AAAA), world leaders pledged to: “to adopt and implement investment promotion regimes for LDCs [and] offer financial and technical support for (…) access to information on investment facilities and risk insurance and guarantees such as through MIGA, as requested by the LDCs.” This study examines

11 December 2018

The analysis in this paper shows that despite the importance of STI, African LDCs are lagging far behind other countries in various STI indicators, including R&D, human resource capacity, patents and innovation.

04 December 2018

Press Release 

NEW YORK, 4 December 2018 - Mr. Joshua Phoho Setipa of Lesotho was welcomed to the United Nations Headquarters in New York today as the new Managing Director of the Technology Bank for Least Developed Countries. The Technology Bank is the UN’s newest institution and is supporting science, technology and innovation in the world’s poorest countries.

14 November 2018

This paper focuses on what the development partners of least developed countries (LDCs) can do to help those countries get more ‘sustainable’ foreign investment - investment that contributes to their sustainable development - and indicates some options for support that need to be further explored.