Office of the Under-Secretary-General

In addition to overall leadership and administration of the department and playing a key role in shaping organizational culture, the Office of the Under-Secretary-General:

  • represents the Secretary-General in intergovernmental and interagency bodies, such as the Chief Executives Board and High Level Committee on Management
  • represent the Secretary-General in staff-management mechanisms, starting with the first step of the formal process of administration of justice
  • works closely with the Department of Operational Support on implementing the Secretary-General’s vision for management reform and overseeing information and communications technology
  • provides proactive assistance to the chairpersons and bureaux of the Fifth Committee and the Committee for Programme and Coordination
  • oversees Umoja, the enterprise resource planning project
  • supports and leads a number of the Secretary-General’s initiatives including:


  • United to Reform

Programme Planning, Finance and Budget

The Office of Programme Planning, Finance and Budget (OPPFB) provides strategic policy leadership in all areas of management through a clear, integrated global management strategy and policy framework. It will

  • Lead the formulation of the annual programme plan in order to secure its approval by Member States
  • Secure financing for the resources required for mandated programmes and activities, including field operations, as well as resources required for the Organization’s expenses
  • Ensure the prudent stewardship of funds, aiming at further improving the quality of financial statements
  • Ensure the efficient and effective administration and management of resources, as well as global asset management in the Secretariat

Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources will champion, drive, and support a results-oriented and risk-aware culture of continuous learning and accountability by:

  • shaping an enabling organizational culture in the United Nations Secretariat
  • improving and enhancing the development, implementation, application and coordination of human resources management strategies, policies and programmes
  • enabling the development of a competent, diverse, adaptable and healthy workforce with the highest standards of efficiency, competence and integrity, giving due regard to geographic representation and gender balance

Business Transformation & Accountability

A new dedicated capacity in business transformation and accountability (BTA) brings together various functions dedicated to monitoring and strengthening performance and accountability across the Organization. BTA provides expertise in analytics, result-based management and risk management, and enterprise-wide project management through:

  • ongoing analysis of enterprise data to enable a constant feedback loop for continuous learning and improvement and provide a more holistic view of performance overall
  • enterprise-level guidance for managers in the global implementation of results-based management and proactive risk management to improve outcomes and reduce overall risk, while the proper exercise of delegated authority and effective self-evaluation ensures greater accountability in decisions
  • alignment of the Secretariat’s business model on an ongoing basis with evolving mandates and fast-changing operational environments, with standardized project management ensuring better alignment and support for more innovation and organizational transformation