Webinar 12 April 2021: How can development finance address the vulnerability challenge in LDCs and other vulnerable countries? Improving allocation and supporting structural transformation

Side event at the 2021 Financing for Development Forum. “The COVID-19 crisis urges us to rethink the economic vulnerability of Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and developing countries more generally. The crisis is putting to a test international support measures and in particular their capacity to adequately respond to countries’ needs. LDCs exhibit significant vulnerabilities that can be overlooked by the current mechanisms of financing for development. At the same time, those vulnerabilities contribute to the slow gains in structural transformation and productive capacity. On the road to LDC5, this event will make proposals to bring forward new financing policies that would better address vulnerabilities of LDCs and other vulnerable developing countries by channeling increased assistance to the most vulnerable countries and stimulating their economic activity both for better recovery and sustainable development.” More information and registration here.