UNCDF’s BRIDGE Facility: Dedicated Finance for the LDCs

29 July 2021. Among solutions being discussed in the preparations for LDC5 is “the establishment of a dedicated and sufficiently large blended finance de-risking facility for LDCs that is focused on providing catalytic capital to growth SMEs, small investment projects and other strategic investments with transformative SDG potential, in order to unlock further commercial and semi-commercial investments. If properly resourced, UNCDF’s BRIDGE Facility can serve as a dedicated financing mechanism, which can include flexible financing that can be used to attract additional resources from the private sector to SDG-aligned investments that can scale to address the needs of the LDCs, including for graduating LDCs.”  An event held on 28 July 2021 provided information on the facility and on recent experiences by SMEs in LDCs.  A recording can be viewed here and the presentation here.