Snapshot on LDC criteria for Nepal

The least developed countries are defined as low-income developing countries suffering from severe structural impediments to sustainable development. Indicators of such impediments are a high vulnerability to economic and environmental shocks and low levels of human assets. The criteria used by the Committee for Development Policy for identification of LDCs are per capita gross national income (GNI), a human assets index (HAI) and an economic vulnerability index (EVI).  The CDP reviews the list of LDCs on a triennial basis using the three criteria and publishes the results on its website.

The snapshot shows the results from the 2015 triennial review for Nepal in the form of a brief overview. It displays per capita GNI, HAI and EVI and also shows these indices for the country in comparison to all LDCs and developing countries.  All indicators used as inputs to calculate the HAI and EVI for Nepal are also listed in the snapshot.

Source: Snapshot on LDC criteria for Nepal