Prioritising the Poor: LDCs and Trade in Covid-19-Related Medical Supplies (The Commonwealth)

3 August 2020.  New report by the Commonwealth Secretariat – “Prioritising the Poor: LDCs and Trade in COVID-19-Related Medical Supplies”, Trade Hot Topics, issue 164, by Brendan Vickers and Salamat Ali: “This issue of Trade Hot Topics analyses the trade flows in medical goods that matter for the fight against COVID-19 in Commonwealth LDCs. It provides a factual mapping of medical supply chains, both within and outside the Commonwealth, prior to the outbreak of the pandemic, in order to reflect on the level of preparedness of these countries to face this outbreak. It identifies the main suppliers of key medical devices and assesses potential exposure of LDCs to recent trade measures as well as other constraints such as price gouging and reduced fiscal space to import medicines. After examining three major challenges LDCs face in their response to COVID-19, it concludes with policy recommendations to ensure equitable distribution of the essential medical goods.”