Preferential Market Access: Thailand GSP

Since April 2015, Thailand grants LDCs DFQF market access for a large number of products under its LDC-specific preferential trade scheme. The scheme covers 73.2 per cent of tariff lines and was made operational via the Notification of the Ministry of Finance‘Exemption of Customs for the Least Developed Countries’, issued on 30 March 2015. The Rules of Origin stipulate that ‘goods shall be treated as […] originating goods if the goods [have] a Qualifying Value Content of not less than 50 percent of FOB (Free-On-Board value)’. The rules of origin has an expiration date of 31 December 2020.

Utilization by LDCs:

 In 2017, imports by Thailand from LDCs accounted for US$6,754 million.

Available Smooth Transition Procedures:

The scheme does not include smooth transition procedures. Recently graduated countries such as the Maldives and Samoa are not included in the list of beneficiaries.


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