Preferential Market Access- Australia GSP

Australia provides for DFQF market access for imports from LDCs under its GSP scheme. The first Australian GSP scheme came into place in 1974. The DFQF scheme for LDCs became effective on 1 July 2003. All products are covered by the scheme.

Utilization by LDCs:

In 2014, Australia’s imports from LDCs accounted for $866 million. In that year, 100 per cent of imports from LDCs entered Australia duty free, either under MFN (27 per cent) or under the LDC specific preferential regime (73 per cent) or under 4 per cent of the imports entered under other preferential agreements (such as FTAs).

Available Smooth Transition Procedures:

There are no formal smooth transition provisions in case of Australia’s GSP scheme. However, Australia still extends DFQF access to Cape Verde, the Maldives and Samoa, which graduated in 2007, 2011 and 2014 respectively


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