Other forms of support for participation in international organizations and processes

Other forms of support for LDCs’ participation in international forums include:

  • Flexible or simplified reporting under international agreements.  For example, under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), LDCs and SIDS may submit at their discretion information that other countries are required to submit every two or every four years, such as a national inventory of green house gases and information on impacts and adaptation, among others. More information here.
  • Support for costs of diplomatic representation. For example, the Canton of Geneva, Switzerland, subsidizes the rental costs of the Permanent Missions of LDCs in Geneva up to a certain monthly limit. Source: Communiqué de presse du Conseil d´Etat du 8 may 2019. 
  • LDC nationals are considered for some Junior Professional Officer positions at the United Nations.  These are positions financed by developed country governments and usually restricted to their own nationals.