Project on new assistance measures for Asian LDCs approaching graduation

At least twelve least developed countries (LDCs) are approaching graduation from the LDC category. Many of these potential graduates are concerned about losing access to the international support measures (ISMs) that LDCs receive from the international community. This project will work with governments, UN entities and development and trading partners in six Asian countries to develop and apply a set of proposals for post-graduation assistance. Project activities will include: (1) country analysis and survey of existing or new support measures of greatest importance to each country; (2) support to developing smooth transition strategies, including through meetings on graduation support in each country together with development and trade partners; (3) training and capacity building to support target countries in accessing and using the new support measures and incorporating them into national plans; and (4) communicating information about the new assistance measures among a broader group of LDCs.

Project brochure

Background Note – New Support Measures for Graduating LDCs


Project team

Ms. Mereseini Bower, Inter-Regional Adviser on Least Developed Countries, Economic Analysis and Policy Division (EAPD), DESA, Email:

Mr. Charles Davies, Programme Officer, EAPD, DESA, Email: | Tel: +1 (917) 367 6310

Ms. Nardos Mulatu Areda, Staff Assistant, EAPD, DESA

Mr. Daniel Gay, Project Advisor on Smooth Transition Strategies

Dr. Fahmida Khatun, National Consultant in Bangladesh, Executive Director of the Centre for Policy Dialogue

Mr. Runsinarith Phim, National Consultant in Cambodia

Ms. Mya Lwin Lwin Aung, National Consultant in Myanmar

Dr. Posh Pandey, National Consultant in Nepal, Chair of the South Asia Watch on Trade Economics and Environment (SAWTEE)

Ms. Carmeneza Dos Santos Monteiro, National Consultant in Timor-Leste


More information

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