Japanese Concessional ODA Loans

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) is one of the major providers of Japan’s bilateral development assistance in the form of technical cooperation, ODA loans and grant aid.   The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan also provides assistance.

JICA has concessional terms for developing countries, with conditions varying according to whether a country is in the LDC category, which World Bank income group it falls into, and other criteria. Terms and conditions are revised annually, but as a reference, the Terms and Conditions of Japanese ODA Loans effective from April 1, 2019 (JICA, 2019) indicate rates 25 to 60 base points higher for non-LDC lower middle-income countries than for LDCs.

Smooth transition:

A three-year transition period is be granted to countries that move out of the category of Low-Income LDCs. During that period, the terms and conditions for Low-Income LDCs are applied.

Sources and further information:

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