FIRST LDC Fellowship for IT professionals

The Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) is a global community, bringing together a wide variety of security and incident response teams including product security teams from the government, commercial, and academic sectors. Its members have resolved a continuous stream of security-related attacks and incidents including handling security vulnerabilities affecting computer systems and networks throughout the world connected by the Internet.

Internet access in the LDCs is continuing to rise, and provides great benefits to the population of these nations. Bandwidth and connectivity do bring problems along- greater access for miscreants to do bad things and greater need to response teams to help mitigate these.

FIRST recognizes the need of integrating security teams in these countries into the global incident response community. As part of the FIRST Fellowship, FIRST annually offers up to two teams from the LDCs the ability to participate in the FIRST community.

Benefits are as follows:

  1. FIRST Annual Conference
    2 Representatives from each TEAM may attend the FIRST Annual Conference on Computer Security Incident Handling. FIRST will extend the following reduced conference registration rates for up to two representatives of TEAM:
  • Year 1 No conference fee
  • Year 2 $200 USD per representative
  • Year 3 $400 USD per representative
  • Year 4 $600 USD per representative
  • Year 5 $800 USD per representative

FIRST will reimburse up to $2,500 in total travel expenses each for two representatives, subject to the FIRST Travel Policy. FIRST will also provide one hotel room each for two representative for up to five nights during the conference. If FIRST incurs any travel expenses for TEAM and TEAM fails to make use of the item for which the expense was incurred, TEAM shall reimburse FIRST for the expense.

2. FIRST Membership
TEAM must apply for membership in FIRST within one year of attending the Annual Conference. TEAM must follow the FIRST membership application process and be sponsored by two existing teams. FIRST will extend the following reduced membership rates:

  • Year 1 No membership fee
  • Year 2 No membership fee
  • Year 3 $500 USD membership fee
  • Year 4 $1,000 USD membership fee
  • Year 5 $2,000 USD membership fee

Potential applicants must be computer security incident response teams, with national coordination responsibility for a particular sector – for example, all government networks, private networks, educational networks, or a combination of those three.  Since the intent of this program is to support potential future FIRST teams who may not otherwise be able to attend a FIRST conference, applicants must be non-member teams. Teams must formally apply and will be selected based on their maturity and ability to grow into a successful incident response team, able to participate in the FIRST programs and community.

Utilization by LDCs:

Teams from the following countries were admitted to the FIRST Fellowship Program: Bangladesh (2014), Uganda (2015), Tanzania (2015), Bangladesh (2016), Myanmar (2016).

Available smooth transition procedures:


  1. FIRST Fellowship Program