Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF): Trade-Related Assistance to LDCs

EIF is the only multilateral partnership dedicated exclusively to assisting LDCs in their use of trade as an engine for growth, sustainable development, and poverty reduction. The EIF partnership of 51 countries, 24 donors, and 8 partner agencies works closely with governments, development organizations, civil society, and academia.

EIF leverages the collective know-how, reach, and reputation of LDCs, donors, and trade and development partners to tackle the world’s most pressing trade for development issues. In the EIF partnership, LDCs are in the driver’s seat, ensuring ownership of results and of the EIF itself. Together, EIF and LDCs identify sectors with export potential and act on expert advice – all to help countries become more competitive in global markets and spur economic growth.

EIF has eight core trade and development partners: the IMF, ITC, UNCTAD, UNIDO, UNDP, UNWTO, the World Bank Group and the WTO. The programme is supported by a multi-donor Trust Fund managed by UNOPS. For other partnerships see https://www.enhancedif.org/en/partner-with-us.

EIF works along three areas of focus: research and analysis, institutional support and trade sector enhancement. EIF’s Diagnostic Trade Integration Studies (DTIS) do the evidence-based work that helps countries identify priorities to guide their trade agendas, and the studies reveal constraints to trade integration and advise on key action areas. To assist in-country trade planning and implementation, EIF’s institutional support includes work to anchor solid trade policy within national institutions and development strategies. Based on the evidence provided by research and work with institutions, supply side constraints are identified, and targeted funding directed to sectors with the most potential.

Graduating LDCs continue to receive support from EIF for up to five years after their graduation date. EIF also work with graduating LDCs via a WTO partnership that addresses the trade-related implications of graduation. EIF is assisting in Vanuatu’s preparation of a smooth transition strategy, has chapters on graduation in the DTIS for Bangladesh, Bhutan and Lao PDR, and is working with graduating countries in Asia and the Pacific on investment promotion. For more information contact eif.secretariat@wto.org.

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