Covid-19 and the LDCs – resources, monitoring, articles

The onset of Covid-19 in China at the end of 2019 has fast become a global health and human crisis. The rapid rate of contagion is alarming. It is inevitable that immediate socio-economic hardships will be faced by developed and developing countries alike. Least developed countries (LDCs), with low levels of income, limited budget resources, weak health systems and high vulnerability to disasters and shocks, may not have the fiscal space to effectively address adverse socio-economic impacts. Understanding the extent of the impact and related risks and strengthening the resilience of LDCs, including those approaching graduation, is critical.



  • Tech Access Partnership: A Covid-19 Technology Sharing Platform (hosted by the United Nations Technology Bank, working in partnership with UNDP, UNCTAD and WHO).
  • UNCDF support for response to Covid-19 in LDCs
  • ePing  contains information on regulations on product requirements (Sanitary or Phytosanitary Measures – SPS – or Technical Barriers to Trade – TBT). It can be used by Enquiry Points in LDCs to track and consult on SPS/TBT notifications, including those related to COVID-19.


Articles, analysis


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