Support to graduating countries

Support to graduating countries

When LDCs meet certain criteria, they are reviewed by the United Nations Committee for Development Policy (CDP) and may be recommended for "graduation" (leaving the LDC category). Graduation is an important milestone in a country's development. It also means the country will no longer have access to certain international support measures that are exclusive to LDCs. It is therefore important to understand the consequences of graduation and prepare accordingly, by developing and implementing smooth transition strategies. For more content on graduation on this website, click on "LDC Graduation" in the tag cloud on the homepage.

Gradjet: information on and support for graduation

Information for government officials in LDCs on the graduation process, preparing for graduation and developing smooth transition strategies.  

Graduation process and criteria

Information on the CDP website about criteria for countries to be eligible for graduation and the graduation process; timeline of past and scheduled graduations.  

Impacts of graduation

When a country graduates from the LDC category, it no longer benefits from LDC-specific international support measures (for some measures there are "smooth transition"...

Papers, reports, articles on graduation

Recent papers, reports, blogs on LDC graduation by UN system entities and others (see also other content on graduation on this portal; UNCTAD vulnerability profiles; UNDESA...

UN support for smooth transition strategies of graduating LDCs

Various UN entities provide specific support to the graduation processes of LDCs, in the form of training, workshops, studies and support for the development of smooth...